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Dronefly is a bot for naturalists that gives users access to iNaturalist on Discord chat.

Dronefly was made by and for members of the iNaturalist Discord server. You are welcome to join our community using this invite link: https://discord.gg/eCD4WvT

Join the Dronefly support Discord server with this invite https://discord.gg/pUbZFDbDdD if:

  • you own a Discord server and want Dronefly on it
  • you already use Dronefly and need support
  • you want to be involved with Dronefly development

Dronefly cog repository

Dronefly bot is based on Red Discord Bot but it is also the name of the Red cog repository for the bot on GitHub. The latter provides the components that interact with sites of interest to its users, such as iNaturalist.

While some developers and some users may have an interest in the repository, most will find it simplest to just use the bot on Discord. You don’t need to download anything from this site to do that.

If you do want to run your own bot with the cogs from Dronefly repository on it, see the Installation instructions below.

User Guide - iNaturalist (inatcog)

TODO: migrate Guide for Participant material here.

Server Owner Guide

TODO: migrate Server owner guide here.